Full Stack Development

We specialize in full stack development. While each of our developers specializes on the front end or coding for the business logic or data model, we expect all our team members to be familiar with all three layers. We think that works better in an Agile environment; it supports flexibility, creates highly efficient teams, and allows for a higher level of collaboration throughout project lifecycles.

High Expectations Produce Quality Outcomes

Hiring full stack developers helps us focus on people who are truly passionate about software developmentā€”people who flourish when challenged by the highest standards and most complex situations. We have high expectations for our developers; we expect them to understand continuous integration processes that include conducting their own unit tests. Your RGB Technology Services team will learn and adhere to your custom processes and continuously learn your business and domain.

All this is done with one goal in mind: working in partnership with your development team to produce quality software. No outcome short of that is acceptable.

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